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Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring, oh Spring- you couldn't have come at a better time. by A Poet's Circus

The sky had opened up it's mouth, and let the fury spill out in wet drops of anger.
Finally the sun is pouring in through the windows, leaking happiness everywhere possible... see more

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Please buckle your seat belts. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!" by A Poet's Circus

I ride the cart: Hopelessness
Start to move: happiness
We are almost reaching climax: stress
We are going down: euphoria... read more

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Side Note: The Dominican Republic of Haiti

Last week somewhere on the internet (Twitter, I think) I learned about an article titled “Haiti Should Merge With the Dominican Republic” published by FoxNews.com and written by Daniel Rodriguez, director of a non-profit organization and professor of International Business at a university in New York.

As a Dominican citizen I quickly reacted to the article, which I believe proposes an erroneous idea. In the article Rodriguez explained that Haiti has only two options “if it is to survive [as a country].” The first being “leaving things as they are,” and the second to “integrate Haiti with the Dominican Republic.” Rodriguez concluded by suggesting, “If we choose to do nothing Haiti will become a nation that will continue to exist in even greater poverty and greater loss.” READ MORE

Random Inspiration: David Browning Shoes...

This is just the most amazing and...read more.

Versace 2010 Spring collection...

Photography by: Marcio Madeira
I don't know about YOU, but I find this collection to be a bit too out there. Not with the prints or designs, but...read more.

Canali 2010 Fall Collection...

Photography by: Andrew Thomas
I love this collection because it is very formal and a bit casual as well. Not a lot of colors, but...read more.

Monday, February 1, 2010

It can only get from bad to worse by A Poet's Circus

It's over.
I realize why it didn't end sooner,
I didn't want to let go.
I didn't want to see the real you,
The side you didn't hide with a lie-
The side you kept to yourself... see more

The answer entitles destruction by A Poet's Circus

Why do you lie?
Is it simply to cover up the truth?
Or is it because you feel too important to respect me?
Does it make you feel better?... see more

Strangers Making Love by Minute by Minute

We sat at the beach that summer night. My head on your lap, your fingers running through my hair—we were both looking at the constellations—and our hearts connected, as if the world had stopped spinning for a moment and the universe was witnessing this moment. We simply loved.

And even when the intensity of our love burned the energy of our very opposite hearts, we remained two different individuals, two separate species who simply loved against the odds. Read more

Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Messenger Birds by Minute by Minute

There are many reasons why I decided to write on a blog.

I wanted to exchange ideas and thoughts with the world; learn from others; think about life from different perspectives; express my innermost emotions and feelings, those that only through the words can be accurately interpreted; but most importantly, I wanted to connect with a community of writers, artists, and friends in a setting that is new to our generation—through blogs.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Facing the World

Today I woke up wanting to fly all over the plains, the city, the mountains, the ocean, and the bay—but I am no bird.

Today I woke up feeling free—but in fact incarcerated by the barriers of thoughts that cover both sides of my eyes—you know—just like the horses in the countryside whose masters want to keep them focus in what is ahead and not what is on the side of the road. Read the rest.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RING... Calling Inspiration by A Poet's Circus

Look at the trees Breath in the air Hear nature calling... see more

My First Award!! by A Poet's Circus

Michael from The Trendy Dwarf awarded me with my first award- The Happy Award! Check out his blog! Thank you so much!! see more

Comedy Is No Longer At NBC by Minute by Minute

Although the Jay Leno experiment, comedy at 10:00pm, was cancelled, resulting in the disappearance of Conan from the peacock network, the experiment has left a marked on television history as predicted by TIME Magazine back in the fall. As Leno moves back to The Tonight Show, he leaves behind a negative mark for NBC and himself, but a very positive one for the rest of the networks.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Freedom Writers by A Poet's Circus

It's from the heart. It's from the soul. It's from "Da ghetto." see more

The Mulatta is Gone by Minute by Minute

To write or not to write—that is my daily battle—not because I have a hard time expressing my emotions, thoughts, and feelings through the use of words, sentences, and punctuations, but because I do it too much. Just like the photographer and his/her camera, I always find myself capturing the moment—using the pencil and paper as my tools. I often find myself experiencing a constant desire to write about the sun setting on the west; the lover’s moon; the rain drops in the American South; the child that plays with his mom at the park; the girl who rides the train on Sunday morning—with no specific destiny. I like to capture life special moments, for as the minutes go by, they fade into the past.

Today I have captured this moment. Click to read.

The Timeless Cardigan...theTrendyDwarf

The first time I heard about a cardigan was about a year and a half ago when I opened my second copy of GQ magazine. It was winter and...read more.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Inspiration: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010 Campaign...theTrendyDwarf

Read More.

iGot a Happy Award!...theTrendyDwarf

Yeah. That's right. I got a Happy Award! I got it from...read more.

Random Inspiration: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010 Collection...theTrendyDwarf

Photography by: Andrew Thomas
Remember a few posts ago when I said I would wear EVERYTHING from the Dolce & Gabbana 2010 Fall Collection. Well, forget that. I would wear it. Not as much as I would...read more.

Random Inspiration: Etro Fall 2010 Collection...theTrendyDwarf

Photography by: Andrew Thomas

Winter Evening in the American South by Minute by Minute

I wanted to share these pictures I took this weekend as the sun disappeared in a cold, winter evening at the Central Lawn of the University of Virginia. See more pics. 

Genius Idea! by A Poet's Circus

I recently came across a blog called Life in Quotations. I truly enjoyed reading this blog so I emailed it's creator, Barry. Barry and I have been talking and he has a really awesome idea... see more

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