Friday, January 22, 2010

A Geek's Randomness by Minute by Minute

Let's be random for a second...

I cannot wait for the day when I will have enough time to sit for hours and read journalistic articles from newspapers and magazines. You see, I enjoy good reporting, story telling, and political opinions, but I do not have much free time to sit and read.  

I only wish I had the time to read The New York Times (I am not too liberal). However, I like the paper's authoritative reporting and story telling. 

How about TIME Magazine? I have a subscription to the magazine. I find a different issue every Monday in my mail box. But since I don't have much time in my hands I can't read it as soon as it arrives. Thus the issue stays on my kitchen table until the next one comes, forming piles of interesting TIME magazines waiting to be read. Read more

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Anonymous said...

i cannot wait until i can do that too but with books :)


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