Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti and its Tragedy by Minute by Minute

Just a week ago I was watching CNN en español with my parents as the first news feeds of an earthquake on the island of Hispaniola were released.

We learned about the event from my grandma in New York City, who usually calls my aunt in the Dominican Republic. That afternoon, just a week ago, my grandmother’s usual call to my aunt was different.

“Mom, you will not believe what just happened!!!” my aunt screamed on the phone.

“What happened?!!” my grandma got agitated.

“An earthquake….” she told my grandmother.

My grandmother, an elder woman, was captivated by the news. She was very concerned. She immediately called my mom and let her know what was going on. We tuned in to CNN en español, only to find out that there was a tsunami warning for the Caribbean. We were definitely worried. However, it was still early; only a few hours after the earthquake had hit; the news was vague; no one knew much, not even the most trusted name in news.

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Anonymous said...

wow. that's crazy. i have a lot of family in Dominican Republic, and i don't know what i will do if i was to lose them! everything turned out okay though... thank god.


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